Fabulous Augusta

The second largest and oldest city in Georgia, Augusta, also known as the Garden City of the South, is nestled among the banks of the majestic Savannah River. A romantic and timeless city, its natural beauty is a breath of fresh air.

Its residents have a welcoming essence, and its communities are family friendly. A mixture of old school versus new school, Augusta, Georgia has something for everyone. With its long history and high-tech workforce, individuals get the opportunity to connect with older neighborhoods, and to experience its southern hospitality lifestyle.

With it being only two and a half hours from the beach and mountains, the citizens of Augusta can enjoy a variety of fun outdoor activities. Internationally known for hosting, The Masters golf tournament, each spring, the people of Augusta love sports and enjoy spending time with nature. Choose to learn about a great many places Augusta has to offer, like the Riverwalk and Museum. Once you do, you will soon discover, it is a land full of knowledge with incredible grace. It is a comfortable place, where you can safely gather your family and friends to enjoy sunset picnics or go on hikes.

When you come to Augusta, it is, understandably, hard to leave. Exploring its extraordinary landscapes and harmonious atmosphere will have you and your family not wanting to call any other place, but Augusta, Georgia, home.