A Day Trip to Greenville

Greenville is a fast growing city in South Carolina, and for those that don’t have the pleasure of living in this charming, out-doorsy city, it’s just a day’s trip away from Charlotte, Atlanta, Aiken and more!

A Day Trip to Greenville, SC

What makes Aiken a great town is it’s proximity to so many places, but we are thrilled to be spotlighting Greenville, South Carolina. You can make a day trip or a short weekend getaway that includes outdoor activities, family-friendly attractions, unique and diverse shopping and so much more!


Even while downtown, you feel like you are in the great outdoors in Greenville. Fall Park is a gorgeous botanical garden that runs along the river through town where locals and tourists gather for various activities. Biking, hiking, walks, and more - Greenville has a trail for all sorts of sports! Tucked next to the Appalachian mountains, there also plenty of beautiful scenery, wildlife and waterfalls to explore as well.

Greenville Outdoors Travel day trip south carolina


Greenville is a small to medium-sized town, but when you look at the options for activities to do with the family, you would think you were in a big city! While there are many tourists that stop by Greenville, the residents are active in their communities and help create the unique culture that the city has to offer. With their engagement, Greenville offers a wide variety of family friendly activities. Waterparks, a zoo, science center, museums, parks are just a few examples.

Family Activities Greenville, SC, Greenville Zoo


Because Greenville is known to have an artsy flare, it’s prevalent in their small, local businesses that showcase the local work! While you still have many well known shops, what makes Greenville a great place to explore is how many unique, niche-driven and independently owned businesses there are. It’s easy to find a one-of-a-kind item in every neighborhood in and around Greenville.

Shopping Greenville SC


Vegan, Paleo, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free? No problem in Greenville! The restaurants, like the shopping, boast a huge variety of flavor, diversity and experience. Sprinkled throughout the city is a plethora of sculptures and artwork commissioned to local artists. A town favorite is the drooling hog water fountain!

drooling hog greenville sc

It’s difficult to suggest a detailed list of places, restaurants or shops you should explore in Greenville because there are just so many fabulous things to do in this adorable city. Make a day trip (or two) this year and let us know where you go!