Fabulous Lexington

The charming town of Lexington, South Carolina, offers its own unique history, delicious foods, and fun activities for the entire family. Known for being the largest town in Lexington County, this beautiful suburb still offers residents a small southern town feel, and it is only a short-thirty minute drive to the booming city of Columbia. Lexington captures the hearts of many, as it is one place still providing the best of both worlds. It is small enough to feel the sense of community, yet, embarking on a city adventure is never too far away.

Families of all ages and sizes love living in Lexington due to its many parks, excellent school system, flourishing businesses, great job opportunities, and its mix of career choices. As South Carolina is known for its boiled peanuts and yellow-gold BBQ sauce, Lexington is a town full of a variety of restaurants and eateries, to try new foods, and to “taste the foods of home”. Its  surrounding towns and cities, offer an array of sophisticated dining and nightlife scenes.

It takes only a quick ride, and Lexington residents have multiple choices to find the right cuisine that meets everyone’s food and music needs. Most places within the Lexington area are in close proximity to one another, including mountains and a beach, allowing for various outdoor walking activities to support a healthy lifestyle. It is a gem of a town, full of friendly neighborhoods and welcoming communities, it truly is an ideal place to live, grow up, and to retire. Its affordable housing, kind people and supportive communities, allow its many residents to feel safe, comfortable, and happy to call Lexington, home-sweet-home.