Meet the Team

As longtime residents of the community ourselves, we have helped countless buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals in this wonderful area. We are real estate professionals with over 15 years of experience, and we aim to deliver an unmatched level of service through a client-centric approach.

We’re here to guide you throughout each step of the process – we will stop at nothing to ensure the value of each of our client’s investment is maximized through experience, strategic pricing and marketing, efficient negotiation, and a commitment to delivering superior results. 


Nicole Martinez

Broker & Realtor

Nicole is a broker who has experienced the process of working with local agents to buy property in a new area – she purchased her own 17-acre farm upon her arrival in Aiken. Experiencing the same process her clients need to go through have shown her roadblocks, pitfalls, and other areas of improvement present in the local market, and what she needs to do to help them navigate smoothly through them.Nicole is highly respected by her clients and colleagues, with her innate ability to give advice, analyze, assess market trends and values, matched perfectly by her goal to succeed.


Samantha Grove


Samantha has been very instrumental in Aiken’s real estate market, with her highly balanced, updated, and information-based approach to every sale. She has a passion for accuracy and processing critical data, which translates to clarity and excellence in every transaction she handles.Samantha boasts a multicultural background, having lived in Hawaii and Europe, in addition to travelling to multiple countries abroad. In addition to opening the door to the market on an international level, her global experience has also given her an out-of-the-box approach, which allows her to navigate unique real estate transactions with ease.

Working together as partners of Fabulous Aiken Homes have given Nicole and Samantha the opportunity to provide over two decades of real estate knowledge, marketing experience, and solid negotiation strategies to clients looking for the very best professional services to handle their real estate investment.


Mary Birdsell

Team Coordinator

Bio Needed


Cheryl Dillinger

Team Coordinator

Funny how we met Cheryl, she was actually our client! We spent 2 days finding her and her husband their Fabulous AIken Home!

Throughout the process, we learned a lot about each other, appreciating our shared love of organization and similar ways of looking at every situation! We knew she would be a friend beyond that closing for sure!

Cheryl is perfect as our Team Coordinator because she has what it takes to keep a superior, high functioning, and top producing team running!

Cheryl makes every day a great day for our team and clients! There is no detail left undone thanks to Cheryl, she easily organizes all of our needs and still has time for her ritual lunch at 11:30am!

Cheryl starts the team off with our morning greeting and never closes out the day without making sure every team member’s needs are met, making every day for the Fabulous AIken Homes team a successful day!


Vikki Woody


Originally from Texas, Vikki comes from a whole family of realtors! Her mom was a realtor for 20+ years and, yes, it is in her blood! Vikki’s quick wit, superb sense of humor, and can-do attitude are the most notable attributes when you first meet her! We think that comes from raising 3 amazing, strong boys including one adorable 2 year old! Vikki’s strong knowledge of finance and business makes her a natural at real estate! When Vikki is not enjoying her husband & boys or at their farm, she can be found running one of AIken’s hip new boutiques, appropriately named Vikki, that she and her mother operate! Making a lasting impression in our community is why we enjoy Vikki and we hope you will feel free to stop in and say hello!

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